Pipás Pension - Varság 

Varság is a small community extended on a large surface, actually the largest in Harghita County. At first, it used to belong to Dealu commune, but it separated with time economically and culturally in the year 1906. This village extends on a 7669-acre area, which is big enough for a capital city, but the majority of this land is covered in woods, approximately 60% of it. The houses are at big distance from one and other; this is the area where you can find different kind of berries, mushrooms and all the goods that nature can offer you in a great variety. Here you can experience nature in its rawness. With our more than half of acre big garden, from the terrace view, you can see the Harghita Madaras Mountains and the Gurghiu mountains. You can enjoy different recreational activities along your stay.  


Proiect finantat prin PNDR 2014-2020, Submasura 6.2

Program finantat de Uniunea Europeana si Guvernul Romaniei prin FONDUL EUROPEAN AGRICOL PENTRU DEZVOLTARE RURALA

Agro pension

Our three daisy pension is comfortable for welcoming 8-12 people. With a surface of 182 m2, with a spacious living and dining, a fully equipped kitchen, large hallways, 4 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms, the guests are welcomed in this lovely house.   
In every room, you can find separable double beds for a guaranteed rest, but additional beds can be put in as well, so the houses capacity will reach its maximum of 12 people.  
The services we offer will make your stay feel like you are home, with its comfort.  
We will offer you everything you need:  
TV in the rooms, Wi-Fi, huge TV in the living room, automatic coffee filter in the kitchen, grill, pots and pans, cutlery, dishwasher and a washing machine in the utility room. The modern technical room is using the latest technology to give you the warmth and hot water for your well-deserved rest. 
At the restaurant, which is only 4 km away, there will be fresh and delicious food waiting for you all the time.  

Our prices:
80 euro/night/the pension for eight people
For more than 8 people +5 euro/person/night

Possible leisure programs

In the pension’s backyard, you have the possibility to relax in nature. The children can enjoy the slides freely, while the parents or adults can cook on the outside grill whatever they desire. Beside all of these, there is a swing and a patio from which you can see the Harghita Madaras Mountain and the Gurghiu Mountain. 

Vărșag waterfall


Known as the Szekler Waterfall located in the spring area of the Târnava Mare River, it is surrounded by beautiful landscapes and is a true miracle of nature. How do you find it?
Approximately three kilometers from the village name indicator, we get off the main road, on the right side of the wood processing fabric, turning right on a steep forest road. (The sign also indicates the direction.) On this road, tourists are driven by wonderful forests, noisy streams, and the freshness of the air that welcomes our dear guests. This wonderful trip deserves to be experienced on foot.
We turn left at the wooden plate that signals Tálasbérc, then after another 1.5 km walk, we reach the waterfall indicator and the rest zone. This is where the waterfall sounds. If we enter the trees, there is a waterfall with a frightening cold and indescribable beauty, near which we can refresh in the summer heat at a height of 6 to 7 meters under the cold fall of the brook.
Due to the two-storey waterfall, it is worth climbing the rock, otherwise you can only see some of this natural wonder. If you climb the wet rocks upstairs, you can continue your journey along the stream where, after 300 meters, you reach the source of the stream (the waterfall). On the surface of only 15 square meters of land, there are seven springs whose purity and coolness are unique in this area.

Turnul de panoramă


Going further, there is the Tálasbérce farm where an interesting attraction is the shop called Parliament, and at half a kilometer away from Parliament there is the five-story panoramic tower, recently renovated. From here, you can admire the enormous size of this scattered settlement, as under our feet you can see all farms from all directions of Vărșag village. In addition, when the weather is good and the clean air and clear visibility, you can see the ancient mountains of Harghita, up to the Bucin Mountains, and the Fagaras Mountains.

The water mill


The only functioning water mill in Vărșag has served the village for 200 years. Unusual equipment is a real curiosity and a tourist attraction. Old man Bálint Vencel is the operator and the owner of the family heritage, which he takes care with great dedication.
Happy and with a lot of understanding, shows he the functioning of the mill for the interested tourists. An external wheel acts on the circular saw, the lathe, the milling wheel; the water of the mill feeds a pond and, finally yet importantly, generates electricity. The water mill is a kind of live museum serving the exhibition of old objects and utensils used in the mill.
How is it found?
From the river Târnavă to the village center, after about 300 meters, to the Csorgókő waterfall, at first possibility to the right is the first house on the left, which is indicated by the sign on the fence.

Tartod fortress


At the western edge of Vărșag, at the intersection of Târnava Mara river and the Tartód brook, at an altitude of 850 meters, you can find a steep climb to the ruins of Tartod Castle dating back to the 11th-12th centuries. (Unfortunately, in historical writings there is not much information about this fortress).
After archaeological research in the 1960s, the fortresses of Tartod, Budvar, Kustaly, Firtos and Rapsonné were supposed to have been built by the Hungarian kingdom to protect themselves from the eastern peoples.
Probably by the end of the 12th century, it lost its destination, it was abandoned, and the ruins were taken over by nature. The scenery is ideal for those who enjoy hiking, climbing up to half an hour to ruins, which, unfortunately, are just remains in the shape of a small, stonewall covered with musk as a token of the authenticity of the former building. On the roof can be seen a remnant of an oval wall of 75 x 37 m. During the research, there was no trace of the building inside the wall given some pieces of clay pots were discovered during excavations.

Springs around Târnava Mare


The Târnava Mare is a river in Romania. Its total length is 223 km, and its drainage basin area is 3,666 km2. Its source is in the Eastern Carpathian Mountains, near the sources of the Mureș and Olt in Harghita County. It flows through the Romanian counties of Harghita, Mureș, Sibiu, and Alba. The cities of Odorheiu Secuiesc, Sighișoara, and Mediaș lie on the Târnava Mare. It joins the Târnava Mică in Blaj, forming the Târnava.